Independent Social Service Providers of Michigan

Improved the turn-around time of preparing and submitting invoices to the State of Michigan by over 75%. As a result of an Automated Case Management and Billing Database, Karen Shelley digitized her previously hand written case notes and satisfied the state’s data retention requirements.

CDM Smith

Utilized a customized database developed to gather data and perform statistical analysis needed to bid on and win the contract to improve the Baltimore Maryland Transit Administration Bus System. Not only did we design and develop the database, we were also contracted to travel to Baltimore and physically gather the data by tracking the arrivals and departures of designated bus routes at various times and locations throughout the city.


Drastically reduced the time and resources previously required to process their Annual Bonus and Merit Increases for all Sales Employees and Executive Personnel nation-wide. Our Custom Salary Administration Database Application provided an integrated solution that imported data from corporate data sources and exported custom reports to excel for easy distribution and review. This reduced the total process time from three weeks to approximately three days.


The Boston Consulting Group

Continues to benefit from the Custom Event Management and Registration Database developed to manage their World Wide Officer Meetings. This database application imports web-based registration data, automatically assigns participants to reserved hotels, and produces various reports to aide their Germany office personnel as they facilitate these important Officer Meetings around the world.